There is a keen interest in the project.

Scottish Society of Wilmington will provide whatever support is desired in planning & implementation.

There is a benefit to the community and the state educationally and financially.

It is/will be the first step in a state-wide project focused on Wilmington and initiated in Wilmington.

The scope of the project can be adjusted to meet the needs of the community in terms of scale and cost.

The SSOW, its members, and the Scottish heritage community, in general, are willing to share in funding the project through donations, fundraisers, and other activities.

There is a great opportunity for collaboration with the state to help implement and expand the program throughout the region and state.

It is in direct keeping with the goals and objectives established by the Parks and Recreation Dept. for the city, and especially the waterfront.

The final design and program will be a collaborative effort with city officials, Parks and Recreation Dept., the Visitor Center, and State Culture and Tourism Office.